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How to start a blog on WordPress

How to start a blog on WordPress
Start a Blog On WordPress

Running a successful blog most certainly everyone’s dream these days. Here’s how to start a blog on wordpress, be it for business or maybe probably you just want to start making money online. Here’s How to Start a WordPress Blog For Free.

Blogging is a very good intuitive method of making some side cash. You can start a blog On WordPress just about anything in 2020. Considerately a hobby but for me, this is a job and I love running WordPress blogs.

After learning how to start a WordPress blog for free, you can be on your way to becoming a web designer. Tailored for complete beginners, assuming you’re just getting started. Our guide is for complete absolute beginners on how to start a blog on WordPress.

Here’s How to Start a WordPress Blog For Free

Before understanding ways on how to start a blog on wordpress. Let’s dive into understanding what is WordPress and some of its important functionalities.

WordPress is an open source web management and content management system built on a server side language PHP. Major companies including Facebook, among others use PHP. Its easily scalable, easy to write PHP code and fast to load webpages.

PHP serves and executes server side data queries. Pages of any webpage, load fast and can be quickly accessed. Unlike building your web pages using HTML, PHP allows for auto file updates without re-uploading files after changes to the server.

WordPress been a PHP dependent platform, its the worlds leading web application that drives more than 70% of websites on the web.

Why start a blog on wordpress?

Comparing WordPress with some of the worlds leading competing content manage systems. Here’s why WordPress is good for developing a website.

1. Good for SEO:

WordPress is good for search engine optimization. You just need to install a few plugins, most commonly used is YOAST SEO.WordPress has too many plugins to ensure your blog appears on searches. You can choose from thousands of plugins to give your blog what it needs. SEO can be broad, especially if you’re just learning how to start a WordPress blog for free.

2. WordPress plugins:

Plugins, piece of software developed using combinations of computer languages. WordPress has more plugins written using Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc you can Install. Plugins give any website or blog important extended functionalities.

3. Easy Learning curve:

Withing days of learning how to make a WordPress blog you can easily transition from beginner to expert. WordPress most certainly easy, not complicated to learn, compared with other content management systems.

4. Templates:

WordPress has over a million templates available. You just need to download for free or purchase your theme to get a template. Uploading template sis done withing minutes, immediately after WordPress installation. We will cover more on configuring your WordPress blog and getting up and running in a little bit…

5. Easy to manage:

Don’t use blogging platforms for your blog. WordPress is easy to manage and for data storage or transfer. Everything can be managed withing the dashboard of your website.

6. Security:

Security is an important part that ensures safety for a blog. WordPress holds more advantages, compared to Tumlr or Blogger. Even though these have become trusted blogging platforms as well. I don’t like the fact you can’t install plugins. No auto upgrades and you don’t get to make changes in the back-end for a blog.

Simple Steps to start a blog on WordPress

To create a successful blog is everyone’s dream these days. Here’s how to start a blog on WordPress, make and develop your website in India, USA or anywhere in the world.

1. Find a Domain Name

The first step to start a blog on WordPress is choosing and finding a domain name for Your Blog. Its the first step on how to Start a WordPress Blog For Free. Any website on the web developed uses a web address, commonly referred to as “domain” name. Make a blog on WordPress with any domain name of your choice. I recommend you buy affordable cheap names from Namecheap or Godaddy. These are best leading domain registrar and web hosting management in America and United Kingdom.

Choosing domain extension

Domain extensions define authority of a domain through the internet. Its a set of strings, called the identifier for naming purposes and allocating web addresses (gTLDs, ccTLDs and nTLDs).

A .COM extension is mostly common and available to call your website name. Others include .ORG, .CO, .NET, etc. Domain extension must represent what your website is about. For instance, .EDU is good for education websites and blogs. But you can use any blog extension, what matter is type of content published.

*How to choose a blog niche

Starting a blog and choosing a niche is a simplest thing to do. You just need to find what interests you. Blogging, previously considered a hobby due to facts, early in the days it just about voicing out.

Bloggers put information on the internet. Which can be from technology, cars, education, music, fashion, blogging, etc. In simple terms just follow your passion to get started blogging on WordPress.

*New Domains Vs Expired Domains

Buy your domain from scratch. this has some advantages but advantageous as well. Coming up with your own domain gives you an advantage to draft a name you need.

New domains take time to get indexed and developing some authority to compete on searches. Therefore, be patient with newly purchased domains. It takes time before new blogs can have traffic. Even though you might easily get traffic withing days, blogs takes three to seven months to generate authority.

Old domain s are good with search engine appearance. You don’t need to start from scratch building up some authority on the domain. Old expired domains have already indexed pages. Google and other search engines are already familiar with such previous websites.

Check for spam before buying expired domains. Ensure no penalization recorded from google in the past. Expired domain spam levels can be checked using Semrush and this platform to check previously penalized websites.

2. Choose a Web Hosting Plan

Second step is selecting a good hosting company. Making a blog on WordPress has intensively increased and over the years most companies have introduced WordPress hosting plans.

Dream host offers best packages and best tailored WordPress hosting plans from as low as $50.00 dollars per year. Signup today to get started with your WordPress hosting plan and get a 50% discount on plans.

All these plans come with 97 Days money back guarantee. In case you decide to change your mind. Probably the package does not interest you or simply just not good enough for your needs.

Comes with automated WordPress migration plugin, in case you’re moving from one previous host. 100% running resource with zero to no downtime if you migrate using Dream host’s automatic migration plugin.

No technical and expert knowledge is with hosting that your website on Dream host. Just Choose your plan and get started. There’s a 24hr support team to help you with further questions and support every step o the way.

*Sign up for Hosting

Forth step in making a website on WordPress is completing your sign up process. If its Dream host you have chosen for this or nay other hosting company. The process should be similar.

Step 1: Go to the Dream host main panel and homepage. The website can be quickly accessed on this link. On the top right corner, you should see two tabs one for getting started and another for login in if you’re a returning customer.

Step 2: Choose the type of hosting plan you want. Should see three options; Shared hosting, Dream press and VPS plan.

Shared hosting should give you a great head start and more especially if you’re a newbie. Dream press specifically made for WordPress management and superb high performance of any website running on your server and focus on growing your business.

VPS suits all website levels from new to those with tons of traffic, providing you with trusted Virtual Private Servers for your websites.

Step 3: Third step is to add domain name to that hosting plan chosen. Alternatively you can choose from a previously owned domain or register a new one. Select to choose domain later, meaning domain can be imported or registered through main hosting panel.

*Complete Web Hosting Registration

Start a Blog On WordPress
Start a Blog On WordPress

Complete payment method and activating your hosting subscription plan by linking banking details with account. Dream host again offers more than one payment method, from VISA, Debit card, check, and PayPal.

Check out through payment type of choice. Email sent and received immediately after signing up. Same is user name for accessing the account, look for password in the same message and further instruction included in the email.

If an email does not appear and possibly show, kindly check the spam folders of your email and whitelist all mails from Dream host.

*Create database

To start a blog on WordPress, any website needs a resource software that keeps and organizes data. Databases can be accessed electronically through computers. Store information from user passwords, emails, template and website structure also links withing websites and web applications.

*How to create a WordPress database

Step 1: Sign into Dream host admin panel. Then on the left side of the admin panel, choose MySQL Databases.


Step 2: To start a blog on WordPress, choose and Add new Database: Then proceed to the next screen.

Start a Blog On WordPress

Step 3: Enter database details in the required sections:

This should include Database name, Host name, personal user name and password. Tip: set a very strong password, which must be a combination of special characters, upper case and lower cases including numeric keys. For example; 145yyBB! should be a password so no one can easily guess it and gain access to your Database.

Step 3: Enter database details in the required sections:

*Fully Host Your Domain

Step 1: Go to domains then selecting manage domains

Assuming you have successfully created Database, next step is to proceed and fully host the domain name. On the same dashboard but at the top, go to domains, these choose manage domains.

Fully Host Domain

Step 2: Select Add hosting to a Domain / Subdomain

Then start adding the domain, add Database which we created above to the domain and choose if to be installed in the root folder or sub folder. Next choose preferred PHP version, and whether to include www extension on domain or not.

To start a blog on WordPress, finally include Cloud flare to domain, for speed improvement, but we’re not diving deep not that on this article among other things. If you’re done proceed to the final step for hosting a domain with Dream host.

Step 3: Select Fully host Domain to complete the process

3. Install WordPress

Time to begin installing WordPress for our website, so we can start a blog on WordPress. There two possible was of installing WordPress software on the web server, which includes through the dashboard and manual installation via FTP which is file transfer protocol.

We will cover both methods of installing WordPress on the server in this guide. To install through web hosting dashboard you must be a logged user into the account with some Admin privileges.

WordPress manual installation requires FTP Admin privileges, a valid password and host name for the domain WordPress must be installed. Let’s begin!

*Automatic WordPress Installation

Getting started with WordPress, requires performing an installation of the software. Installation can be done through two methods, either an auto installation of wordpress or manual through file transfer protocol (FTP).

Start a Blog On WordPress

To install WordPress through one-click. On your wordpress main dashboard in dream host panel, Go to dashboard then wordpress. A group of packages will be open which includes Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

*Manual WordPress Installation (FTP)

Performing a wordpress installation is very easy and not that complected even for newbies. Ensure to first download and install FileZilla on your computer start a blog on WordPress. How to Start a WordPress Blog For Free involves learning FileZilla, an FTP software or application which allows communication between server and client.

Both versions for mac and windows on main website must be available. Let’s do a manual installation via FileZilla file.

Installation requirements:

  • FTP username : To log into your domain root folder a user name is required. Its the same name that you must have allocated to the database during settings in the top section.
  • FTP password: This is the same as the password for a database you wish to access.
  • Host name: Finally host name, refers to a domain URL or server name. Mostly hosting companies provide this information. In our case the server name is derby@dreamhost.com.

Step 1: Download WordPress

Download content management software which is wordpress to your computer. Content management systems help run, and manage website files, and content which includes themes. Visit wordpress.org/download, depending on current internet speed it should be done withing a few minutes.

Step: Locate folder Containing WordPress Files

Find a folder containing WordPress. Mostly these files should be in Computer/drive/downloads folder for windows. Finally, unzip the files as shown above on the image.

Step 3: Upload Files

After logging into your server through FTP. Select all the files that contain WordPress, then drop on the root domain for your website. Preferably a sub-folder can be created for this and it works as well.

Start a Blog On WordPress
Start a Blog On WordPress

Wait for files to finish uploading to the server from computer. After confirming all files have completed, move to the next phase.

*WordPress Manual Configurations

Another important phase is ensuring the website’s files and database is configured with correct settings. Follow through on how to Start a WordPress Blog For Free by ensuring settings in an important file WP-config.php have been set.

WP-Config file Settings

WP-config settings can be dine by opening the file after downloading it to the desktop. Choose a text editor of your choice. In my case, I’m going to be using Sublime text to enter server configuration settings.

Step 1: Open WP-config file using sublime text.

After opening the file should be able to edit information shown on the image below. Check for relevant fields that require username configuration, host name and password.

Step 2: Enter the following information DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD.

DB-NAME, should be assigned with Database name. DB-USER, is the name for user with access to the Database and finally DB-PASSWORD, which is the password for that particular user which corresponds with the Database.

*Log into WordPress Dashboard

Assuming the database is properly configured tour website must respond. Note sometimes DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours. On this website, you can check DNS name servers have already propagated to point to the correct web host IP-address.

  • On your browser window type https://techguruhere.com/wp-admin. Make sure the replace our website URL with yours. Screenshot below will appear, or something similar.
  • Next enter the Admin Email and click on reset password. Since its the first time login you must perform a password reset.
  • Check Admin Email linked with website for password reset message, and click the link.
  • Finally set new password. Mix uppercase and lowercase, including numbers if necessary.
Start a Blog On WordPress
Start a Blog On WordPress

4. Purchase Theme (WordPress Template)

Remember above, we stated WordPress has over 1 million templates but you can purchase a good look premium website to give your website a good looking structure.

*Where to Buy WordPress Themes

There so many places you can get a premium Theme for your website. But Envato and Theme forest is where we recommend you get your Theme. Prices range from $30.00 to $150 depending on the quality and template you’re looking for.

Free WordPress themes work just fine but premium themes have extended support and regular updates, hence ensuring your content remains safe and protected.

5. Install Your WordPress Template

Begin customizing your theme. To install WordPress theme Go to appearance. Then select themes and choose install theme to import a theme. WordPress has some preinstalled themes, of which you can select from and begin using it for your website.

*Install Free WordPress Plugins

Start a Blog On WordPress
Start a Blog On WordPress

Plugins refers to any software that increases the functionality of wordpress websites. Out of the box wordpress is limited from what it can do. To install wordpress plugins, Go to plugins, then select Add new plugins. You can choose to import or just search on your plugin dashboard section, the name of plugin.

6. Optimize Your Website’s SEO

Search engine optimization an important thing to grasp for new bloggers, more especially for just created WordPress websites. Tip #6 to start a blog on WordPress. Ensure to perform and create good SEO strategy. Optimize pages, and posts for targeted keywords.

Install YOAST plugin which has both paid and free version. Search engine optimization, entails good linking, making sure posts can be found through search and internal linking withing posts with similar content.

7. Publish Your First Blog Post

Congratulations you have successfully created your first WordPress blog. Go ahead and publish that first post to your readers. It can take take a few days before newly published website can appear on Google search. Don’t forget to create Google search console account, after learning how to Start a WordPress Blog For Free and analytics for monitoring users and engagements .