Privacy is the most important aspects of browsing on the internet. Places visited are preferred to stay unknownymous sometimes and to just improve the browsing experience. This does not come with a default functions of the computer, or web browser been used. I’m about to show you the quickest way to up your privacy on that computer through the Incognito mode Chrome.

Importance Of Private browsing With Incognito Mode Chrome:

The most highly used app on any computer is that your web browser. Its one of the best gifts a computer provides to you, whether looking for information. It doesn’t matter which one you currently use, there’s open source and the common ones. Incognito even though assures not 100% privacy its the best alternative for online privacy so far giving you some assurance of been hidden while your surf the website with tools such as chrome and opera.

Chrome has many discrepancies on privacy, its been criticized for stealing people’s information and selling it to the highest bidders on the market but, but hey its a more reason the company gave you this feature to give you some needed private browsing without having to wonder if your information is been stolen and sold elsewhere.

Even though you might be on using the Incognito Mode on Google Chrome put into consideration a few things that even if the privacy feature is active website tracers and trackers will still find a way to get your address location and sometimes computer model, including the IP address. Your IP address is mostly exposed and this just shows you can be too hidden with incognito mode completely. All most all websites record information about a user, where you’ve been information accessed and videos watched. If you’re on a work network avoid to visit sensitive websites because even with Incognito Mode Chrome your company specialists and IT department during a reveal will manage to view browsing log on the servers.

Activating Incognito Mode Chrome

PRESS and toggle a button with three dots to open the main google chrome menu. LOCATE a New Private Window

  1. The first step is for you to open google Chrome.
  2. Then check and locate a (Incognito Window).
  3. Finally In the top corner, the Incognito icon must appear just immediately after a window that shows up.

Activating Incognito Mode Chrome On Android

  1. The steps are similar to that of a computer. Find that google chrome application on the mobile device. This can be done even on a tablet .
  2. New Incognito tab should appear above next to the address bar. open it and on the left side an Incognito icon shows in the new windows tab.


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