We are currently in an advanced modern age, most people don’t need an alarm clock to schedule and manage time. Following trending Technology these alarm clock software, have quickly provided possible ways to set alarm clock which can be downloaded on the internet on software websites and Microsoft store. It gives you an added advantage if you have a IDM installed to quicken the process.

The Best Alarm Clock Software To Use

Whether timing an important event, or probably just trying hard not to miss anything important, you can customize the clock interface, with numerous snooze option to do exactly what you need. So if I closely compare with modern old clocks this the same, but more advanced and really no need to spend money on old-fashioned alarm clocks from back in the days which you must be locking up in the basement somewhere.

I have never seen a more advanced features than that which come preinstalled on these great looking cheap alarm clocks for windows. Giving the user an added advantage to set specified times, and if by chance you are a music lover, playing audio is another option available for you to wake up to from your long sleep.

1. Alarms Clock HD

The first one on the list of best alarm clocks for windows is the ultimate Clock HD due its unlimited bundled features of alarms, allowing you to set the world clocks, you can actually set a sleep and music timer on your computer. The software Sounds which can be made Custom including a Radio alarm. Can push notifications and wake you up from sleep. Finally stay updated with the weather check feature, not forgetting trading and currency exchange rates, in-built music player, radio player to listen to your favorite radio station and Facebook.

2. ClocX

ClocX is the second best choice which provides a wide variety of styles to actually pick from, which are attractive in nature and of good quality. Allowing users to perform a one time alarms, and option for daily alarm that can play a song file. It has a customizable button for priority settings so you can change backgrounds to a color of choice. Its a true beast of an alarm clock software with nice rare clock enhancement for your analog clock desktop. Depending on your clock preference, ClocX can be made transparent, using the inbuilt 256 levels of transparency colors you can choose from.

3. Talking Alarm Clock

Microsoft talking alarm clock is fun and a talking animated alarm ever inverted. Features include schedules for alarm time and can be set to go off once, on a daily basis , weekly and even monthly. Its a great reminder tool for all your important dates that might skip off your mind and events. Windows system tray gives quick access to the alarm clock. Music play feature comes with the software to play any song you choose and includes a snooze button.That’s not all, you can configure this alarm to open files and run programs in a simple manner.

4. Modern Clock XIV

The Clock XIV is made ideal to meet the needed requirements for an a windows alarm clock, Modern Clock can be installed on your Phone devices if you have been in need of a clock and computer for setting scheduled clock alarms. The good look makes it outstanding due to its soft colors, looking closely the device is given a look with beautiful gentle transitions. Clock can be stopped and started at any time, you can choose to hide display. Enable and Select background image . Finally you’re able to set Days – Month- – Year and Hours. All future developments to make improvements to the device are considered and the company tries to implemented them in there upcoming future versions upon making your request.

5. Desktop Countdown Timer

The Desktop Countdown is a Timer that is made for Alarm users due to its ability of providing the needed clock functions you can not in any other clock software, especially for a windows computer, the interesting amazing useful features can’t be overlooked. With this alarm clock, Play a song and any sound file. Show a customized message to display whenever you want. I definitely support you go for this Alarm clock because its just so easy to integrate in your system.

6. Alarm

Taking the sixth position is Alarm, a digital advanced clock to warm your mood when you are working. Feature to set a custom message which can be interconnected with any fail on your computer to play whenever its the time you have automatically set. It comes with added mixed features at the same time which are very simple to operate. The software offers helpful reminders, that can be set so easy.

7. Analog Clock

Analog Clock stands out In the era of robotic invasions and its the best you can alternatively look for since you need a alarm clock. Delivers instant information and If you’re no longer having the interest to use the old Windows clock Analog Clock is a good replacement and perfectly a serviceable software.

A dozen skins and clock sizes to choose from |Set calendar for weather which should pop up when you perform a mouse over | Special syncing feature for your system due to the clocks integration with atomic servers | Replaces Windows inbuilt old digital clock with an advanced analog PC clock

8. Desktop Clock-7

Desktop Clock-7’s just like the name, the software for windows clock is very easy to install on your computer. Standard two available versions, Pro version and paid one if you have cash to spare in your wallet. If you go on getting the paid version, it costs less than five bucks to own one with added features out of the box. Date displays accurately, together with a sound mimic feature of analog clocks when its working.

Displays system’s time settings | Round clock set hour, minute, and seconds | Custom text logo instead | Advantaged good looking styled features, with two colored graphics that give the clock a face of a good realistic alarm clock look.

9. Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is good in this era and modern age of technology, set the current times in various various locations around the world so it does not matter if you are on the move. Choose from a cluster of six styles on this analog clock and faces use to represent any time zone. The sharp clock is made for those in need of more features, compared to the common typical desktop default clock. The features include time zone converter, you can choose to use weather notification and show analog in-built clocks.The only problem is that Sharp World Clock is expensive to be compared with other free versions and those cheap on this list for best alarm clock software.

10. OnlyStopWatch (64-bit)

At number 10 we’ve OnlyStopWatch another epic alarm clock made to stop the time on your computer. Its a free license and does not have to be installed, easy to be executed to run on your computer having a precision to set milliseconds, optimize needed processes, and how long you can do a sprint run, probably even holding your breath if you are swimmer. Bundled with numerous potential applications, if that’s your requirement go for the Onlystopwatch.

Did you see your favorite alarm clock software on the list?

If not, let me know which one you will use, including the suggestions you might have by leaving a detailed comment in the section below provided for you.