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Dell revenues droop but hint at server and storage recovery ahead

Dell Q3 revenues declined overall but servers showed a quarter-on-quarter upturn as customers bought more AI-optimized compute. The business is now hoping for an AI-boosted recovery next year. Revenues in...

Nvidia launches RAG-enhanced service to reduce AI errors

Nvidia has unveiled a RAG-based Retriever service to stop generative AI hallucinating inaccurate responses. The NeMo Retriever is a generative AI microservice that enables enterprises to connect custom large language...

Panmnesia intros CXL 3.0-enabled memory sharing AI accelerator

Korean technology firm Panmnesia has a CXL 3.0-enabled accelerator chip which provides sharable memory to speed AI applications. CXL (Computer eXpress Link) 3.0 enables a pool of external memory, accessed...

Storage news ticker – November 24

AvePoint has announced the launch of AvePoint Cloud Backup Express, which, running on Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, enables customers to protect and secure their SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange environments....

Accelerating High-Bandwidth Memory to light speed

Accelerated processors like GPUs could get faster memory access by using light-based data transfer and by directly mounting High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on a processor die. HBM came into...

Dell places multi-cloud storage navigation in its APEX

Dell is providing automated deployment and monitoring of its public cloud block storage with the APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage, and has file storage support coming. APEX is a set...

Storage news ticker – November 20

Dr. Niraj Tolia, Alcion’s CEO and co-founder, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by Carnegie Mellon’s Parallel Data Lab (PDL). The PDL, founded in 1992, looks at new data...

Hammerspace hammering out AI ref architecture

Data orchestrator Hammerspace has produced an AI reference architecture (RA) and is testing its GPUDirect compliance. Hammerspace provides a global parallel filesystem enabling data in globally distributed and disparate sites...
Storage news

Storage news ticker – November 15

Aerospike released v7.0 of its real-time, multi-model database with a new unified storage format and other in-memory database enhancements. The unified storage format provides the flexibility to choose the...

Liqid unveils single server reference architecture with 16 GPUs

Liqid launched a reference architecture at SC23 to build a composable system with a Dell PowerEdge server fitted with up to 16 Nvidia GPUs. The UltraStack L40S scheme is based...