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How To Fix The Windows 10 Startup Sound

How To Fix The Windows 10 Startup Sound

Your startup sound is your Big Welcome as you boot up your PC, capable alerting you. I feel its a message that your computer greeting, capable of of setting...
Internet Download Manager

How To Stop IDM Pop Up Download

So you want to learn how to stop the IDM pop up download? This can be due to the fact that after the installation of IDM (Internet Download Manager)...
ISO to Bootable Usb Creator

10 Best Booting Software For Windows

Below are links to 10 best ISO to Bootable Usb creator and booting software that allows you to easily setup a USB boot drive to install Windows or Linux...
How To Browse privately On Chrome Using Incognito mode

How To Browse privately On Chrome Using Incognito mode

I believe that at some point you have actually had to value privacy more than anything, because probably you visited a website that you wouldn't necessarily want anyone...

How To Use The Windows Snipping Tool

Taking screen grabs on your computer is now such an important part of personal computer use. In today's modern technology, you can do almost everything with your computer...

How to Find WiFi Passwords on Computer

Its a common thing not knowing what’s the password to your Wi-Fi network, because in most cases, you might have just been connected by a friend or neighbor and...
Internet Download Manager

How to Add IDM extension to Opera browser

Here's How to Add IDM extension to Opera browser and integrate IDM into opera browser. Its been noticed that by default Internet download manager integrates automatically into some...
Install Winzip

[Download] WinZip and Install

Been a Windows user, you probably understand that you need to perform a Winzip Install which is a tool for creating and extracting archived files. This can be to...
The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso

The Difference Between Rufus & PowerIso

Rufus vs Poweriso, which software should use in case an operating system encounter problems and you reach to a point of changing it? After reading this post about...
Computer Antivirus Software of 2019

Top 10 Best Computer Antivirus software of 2019

What's an Antivirus, How Antivirus Works? Computer Antivirus software scans and helps remove suspicious malware files that enter a computer, some files hide on your computer before you notice,...
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