The Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights (CDDR) finally announces the launch of a Advanced Reporting Technology to Reduce Election Rigging In Africa. CDDR’s new system tends to reduce violations of civil rights, alleged instances of rigging, done through hacking or voter fraud which is a common custom in Africa. Digital technologies are now increasingly been used in elections. Every person in African will have access to using and enjoying the benefits of the world of Technology, including America and other Countries but in Africa half the population do not know How to deal with common Technology problems.

African states have criticized this project due to luck of resources and capacity to develop such Technology is very limited. The Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights, managed to raised fifty thousand dollars for the development of an advanced election Tech system. Technology has a special role to play in restoring the African electoral pride and drastically reduce incidences of electoral malpractices such as: ballot stuffing, result sheet mutilation, manipulations, over voting, alteration of result sheets and hijacking of ballot boxes in the history of most African countries which host elections after a period of 5 years including Zambia.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) commended (CDDR) for trying to employ a number of innovative approaches to improve the management and conduct of elections in African democratic countries. INEC, stated the system needs to improve and become advanced with its technologies in order to meet electoral international standard practiced in developed nations.The introduction of these Advanced Reporting technologies will have the following features;

Electronic Voters Register(EVR), Automatic Fingerprints Identification System (AFIS) and Smart Card Reader (SCR) have reduced the incidence of multiple registration and multiple voting to the barest minimum while the development of e-collation support platform has drastically reduced incidence of result manipulation at collation centres. Hence, it is believed that the incorporation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Nigeria electoral process has reduced excessive electoral fraud to the barest minimum and foster credible elections.

Advanced Reporting Technology and information and communication technologies (ICTs) in elections is receiving increased attention. The role of technology is to help in identifying and avoiding African electoral risks most certainly inevitable. Advanced Reporting Technology software is perceived as a final solution for many electoral problems.

To accurately ensure voter register, simplified voting and proper result tallying, not forgetting the faster transmission of election results, from one data center to another etc. But the Advanced Reporting Technology and introduction of ICTs comes with some risks, which must not be ignored such as vulnerability to hackers who can infect the system with malware, affecting malfunctioning of tech equipment, the contested integrity of machines, or exposure to hacking like how ECZ Results Website got hacked in the year 2011 presidential, parliamentary and local government election. Media websites stated the results had been tampered with and fake details posted on it to mislead the nation.

Advanced Reporting Technology is a broad array of opposition parties, political figures, and private citizens whose rights have been violated by most African governments. Advanced Reporting Technology will boost comprehensive investigation including the participation of internationally regarded legal experts. Other claimed the system is very easy to repair if damaged. A report was released last week detailing the Advanced Reporting Technology specifications, distributed to key international bodies answering most Technology related questions.

FEATURES & SECURITY: CDDR Advanced Reporting Technology

his has several important implications for election systems:

  • All digital information including ballot definitions, voter choice records, vote tallies, or voter registration will not be subject to malicious attacks;
  • Built in functionality and application to record and automatically count votes, reducing fake results;
  • 0% of getting compromised; and any computer system used for elections—such as a voting machine or e-poll book—can be rendered inoperable.
  • Voter Registration Voting
  • Operations Voter
  • Identification Results Management
  • Out of Country Voting
  • Elections and Technology
  • Elections and Security


Advanced Reporting Technology provides transparency during the entire Election results process. Advanced Reporting Technology has an integrated results management system incorporating all key aspects from vote counting to the certified results during elections. Considers best practices that suit its particular circumstances and context, and ensure the fundamentals of a results process are maintained and that the integrity of the election is not compromised.

In addition, Advanced Reporting Technology will bring about transparency during the entire results process and not just the vote count. Reducing concerns over critical counting-related material by election management bodies and procedures that have sometimes threatened the integrity of the vote count. 

Advanced Reporting Technology integrated with a results management system incorporating all key aspects from vote counting to the process of verifying relevant complaints having been properly adjudicate, outputting practices that suit particular circumstances and context, and ensure that the fundamentals of a results process are maintained and that the integrity of the election is not compromised.

Voting Execution And Operations

Advanced Reporting Technology is publicly visible to organize and operate facilities that will provide an opportunity for all eligible persons to participate. “Voting is generally a geographically dispersed activity, Advanced Reporting Technology will ensure its organized and implemented within very tight time frames, providing a less cost-effective voting service for all eligible voters whilst maintaining high standards of integrity, and reducing the press freedom crisis putting in place security and professionalism, which is a major challenge to electoral bodies in Africa,” noted (CDDR).

Advanced Reporting Technology expected to reduce unlawful conduct by the government, which includes the violent dispersal of peaceful rallies, arrests of protesters, police blocking meetings of opposition parties, threats of violence and intimidation through manipulation of ethnic tensions. In some countries mainly African the Government trumped up investigations, censored and silence media, and attempts to de-register opposition political parties.

Voter Registration

Advanced Reporting Technology will monitor tasks and registering of voters to reduce cost of administering elections. These will bring about efficiency in most systems used to register voters, the administrative capacity of the election management authority, and the country’s social, economic and demographic characteristics.

Another specialty of the Advanced Reporting Technology is to handle general issues and specific administrative issues addressed in an article by The Guardian destroying Zambia’s political and electoral system. The first section deals in depth with the three major voter registration systems. This will be done through a comparative perspective the system has major advantages, effective in differing social, political, economic, and environmental contexts.

The system, collects information through the internet, sent for further confirmation on computers and has comprehensive report on the rights situation in Zambia that will be presented to international bodies and non-governmental organizations. Advanced Reporting Technology guarantees the confidentiality of volunteer participants, and will continue using the advanced reporting techniques to ensure and to monitor violations of rights to free expression and association. Election results will be properly tallied or reported.

Over 500 Laptops to be used in the Vote counts done by Advanced Reporting Technology, to ensure there is no fraudulent voting, e.g., multiple voting, illegal voting, etc., occurs. Read more Tech News Here

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