How to clean your laptop screen with water
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You been here shows you have reached a point, were you wonder after using or running out of laptop cleaning solutions, if its safe to clean a laptop’s screen with a wet wipe or if not, or if there’s a better method?

Well, in this article I explain How to clean laptop screen with water and why its not a good idea to clean laptop screen with water and prescribe recommended safe solutions you can try out to clean your computer screen. Having a laptop is good thing because it comes in handy and its an important asset, that some of us want to ensure its properly taken care of.

On the other hand cleaning a laptop screen can be a hustle. Dust is the number factor that can cause a brand new laptop to start looking old. Not forgetting the fingerprints that your laptop screen mostly falls victim, more especially if you have children around or if you are the kind of person that travels a lot with the device.

TAKE NOTE: Before you move to clean Your laptop screen with water ensure you understand the following:

  • Its not a good idea to use chemicals such as (alcohol, acetic acid, ammonia, bleach, etc.) which can actually cause a problem of striping the coating off the laptop screen.
  • Water significantly increases your odds and poses a threat to a computer because water can enter inside and cause damage.
  • The only cleaners safe for your laptop screen are light water and vinegar, including a mixture or a special store bought cleaners specifically meant for LCD screens.

How to clean Your laptop screen with water

STEP: 1 Only use water if you apply it with a soft cloth. Never directly wet the screen or sprinkle water on the laptop screen.

STEP: 2 Do not drench the cloth in water. This can which cause serious damage to  your computer as earlier stated. A soaked cloth is more likely to drip excess water into the machine, so be extremely careful.

STEP: 3 Avoid using too much water, start wring the cloth out well until it is only slightly moist.

STEP: 4 Apply a gentle circular rubbing motion and gently scrub the screen surface with less pressure, targeting the areas with dirt. Pressing too hard can permanently damage your laptop screen. Avoid using a brush or anything but a very  soft cloth to clean your screen.

To conclude go with manufacturer recommended laptop cleaning methods. Using water is actually the number one way you can screw up the screen of your laptop, if not properly done more especially for Apple laptops and tablets. There still better ways to clean your screen with affordable cleaning materials you can get on Amazon. Also remember, water is good on things like the coatings, UV-coated sunglasses, polarized, sunglasses, mirrors, windows, etc so I don’t recommend using it to frequently clean your laptop screen.

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