Its a common thing having a mouse that seemingly just decides to stop working. Computers use pointing devices called touch pads. But alternatively you want to go with the external device instead for personal reasons. Just like the inbuilt mouse, you will be able to point and navigate around your computer, moving files faster than ever. Personally i prefer a external mouse than the usual one that comes with a computer. Touch pads are not to be trusted because they are not built for heavy load and duties, so they stop working mostly.

Types Of Computer Mouse

Generally there two types of mouse mostly used in the world, a wireless and the cabled one. Whats ever you go for it will still work accordingly and carry out the duties of a mouse pointer you need it for in the first place.

  1. The common modern Mice wireless are advanced and the feel great when been used to do the job. Available on the market even the standard traditional mouse. The are good to keep precise movement and suited for movement. The best apart about a wireless is you do not need to worry about performing a cable connection, batteries are needed if its not chargeable.
  2. The second option is for a cable mouse which can replace the inbuilt laptop mouse having issues. A handheld optical mouse is still very good for navigation even though your computer provided the need cursor and mouse. The external mouse is good for movement, painting or when editing photos and sometimes if you do not need your device closer.

How To Connect A Mice

How to Enable a USB Mouse

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  • Make the computer mouse you have chosen is compatible with your model of a laptop.
  • Plug the mouse into your computer and listen for the sound that notifies you when the external device is connected. If not working Restart the computer while the mouse is connected to troubleshoot.
  • Once the system has rebooted, the New Hardware Wizard will run and install the driver required for proper functioning of the mouse.
  • Carry out atrial and error to see if the mouse is on point. If its moving fine, that’s actually a sign for you to begin using an optical mouse instead of your computer’s touchpad for navigation.

Enabling a USB Mouse

Look for an available port on your computer, the one looking different from the others. Mine has four ports, depending on the model of your computer, look for a color coded, and use it to connect your mouse.