Airtel is Zambia’s private mobile Telecommunication and considered the best among the among available mobile service providers. The company with its massive influence in Africa has continued to thrive crossing over 16 countries in Africa alone and Asia having an amazing number of 394 million active customers across the board.


Zambia located in southern Africa with over 15 million people finds Airtel to be a good service provider such that the mobile company regards the network second following MTN. Most people leave the USA and visit Zambia but the problem becomes understanding how exactly to get bundles on Airtel Zambia.

The promotion for bundles has been running offered by Airtel Zambia, this is called Chaopena the most efficient bundle product in Zambia at the moment. For many in the country Airtel is regarded a network for the people providing very good services and products to the customers by providing data bundle which are very affordable. To purchase data bundles when you are in Zambia on your mobile phone or Computer, fora router just simply Dial *575# and follow the instructions.

Chaopena Data bundles will give you the user true value for your money. The company Airtel Zambia extending its great is a message the Zambia people can not avoid to think the company. It has been giving back to the customers, uplifting the subscribers in the Country with back to back good mobile offers. And recently the company came up with a 4GB network coverage to the subscribers to quicken the internet speed and mobile service. Mobile Data bundles are cheap and very affordable for any average person based in Zambia, So whether you are on a tour or that’s your destination,these bundles are for everyone in this modernized time and this is the Network providing the best service.