So you want to learn how to stop the IDM pop up download? This can be due to the fact that after the installation of IDM (Internet Download Manager) a file called IDM.crx specially designed to merge IDM into your browser, integrates with Opera browser or google chrome to reduce the common download issues with IDM but also causes auto download capturing.

Internet Download Manager Integration (IDM)

The integration can be manual and sometimes just happens automatic depending with the browser you are using. Unlike the Opera browser, integrating Google chrome with IDM is a bit challenging and does not mostly happen automatically. This is because Google, owners of YouTube have been trying to stop any activity viewed as illegal capturing and downloading of online content, more especially YouTube Videos unless its freely provided.

Stop IDM Pop Up Download (IDM)

Having IDM installed is a good thing due to its effective download speed and friendly features. But the annoying part, is when you are browsing and all over sudden a download pop from IDM asks you to download the file. This doesn’t make any sense for me personally, especially when I don’t need to download anything from the website but the browser keeps asking me to start the downloading from IDM.

Well, you can chose to simply just ignore, but this problem is annoying when it persists. So I’m going to show you how to stop auto downloading and pop ups when using IDM. After this, you shall not be forced to download any content unless you choose to, or you have inserted a link on IDM to start the download procedure.

  1. Launch IDM (Intenet download manager) Go to -> Downloads -> Then look for the Options menu down at the bottom and click there. Uncheck the option indicated as to automatically start downloading of URL’s placed to clipboard.
  2. Then look for -> “customize IDM download panels in browsers and click edit”.

Finally, you must uncheck the “don’t download files from web players automatically” and click OK to serve the settings you have just customized.

Congratulations! you’ve successfully just learnt how to stop the IDM pop up download on your browser. Don’t forget to share and drop us a comment down below for further questions, or if you have a post request.