In this guide you will learn easy steps of exactly How to Use Microsoft Toolkit to Activate Windows 10. Microsoft Toolkit is made for common windows you can think of and office products that require a quick activation. Microsoft activators products are there to work on all windows products which include Microsoft office. To use Microsoft Tookit, deactivate your Antivirus currently active. Most Anti viruses have an inbuilt functionality to block certain unverified software so I suggest you disable the anti-virus system.

Microsoft toolkit supports Microsoft products for Windows Home, Pro and professional tools.

Using Microsoft Toolkit For Activating Windows

Activating Windows with this tool is very simple and easy.

  1. Open Microsoft Toolkit from your home screen desktop
  2. After that, check for an Office logo next to Windows. Click on the office logo and you will see a new pop-up window.
  3. From that pop up menu, you must click onĀ Ez Activator.
  4. Now wait until the system automatically activates your Office.


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