In this article you will learn the mot effective troubleshooting method to fix a the laptop power issues. To do this check to ensure the problem is really with the hardware. Because at times the issues would be software related therefore stopping the system from coming on.

I strongly advise you to remove all connections including the mouse and any thumb drive you might have been using.

Check if the cable is connected

The most common issues are easy to fix. All this while you might be thinking too much and yet all you need is to insert that computer cable. Double check if its connected to the AC adapter and if you have a power test, assess the power. Is it going through ? is the laptop Red light on? Ask yourself other questions to do with the battery life of your computer.

Disconnecting from the main socket

Remove the power cord from the source, which might be and adapter and plug through a direct source. Check to see if this works.

Remove and change the laptop battery

Take note these days the latest computer models are having batteries inbuilt, terefore making its hard to perform this technique. Go on and remove the battery, insert it again. Does it require changing? Try to find a battery you might have stored somewhere or try to borrow one from your close friend and try it on.

Drain power in your computer

Crushing of power in the battery and that residue energy would cause the computer not to actually turn on. Go through the detailed instructions to draining the battery and hopefully solve your powers problem.

  1. Try to remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter
  2. Press the power button and “o” on the computer for at least 30 to 45 sec
  3. Without removing the battery, plug the AC adapter back into the laptop.
  4. Finally the final step is for you to turn on your laptop using the Power Button.

By now the computer must have gone off right? while if i didn’t continue performing the commands.

Bad computer hardware

Most devices after a while have a way of just beginning to die out. You can replace it through a computer repair shop or better still do it yourself if you can. Just get a motherboard and replace the all thing including computer buttons and software.

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