Is your Hard Drive making a clicking sound and not working? Here’s how to Repair hard disk clicking sound. First of all what exactly is a hard disk? well this is part of your computer unit or Laptop which performs the primary function of a storage device. Its referred to by many names,including disk drivehard drive or hard disk drive. It serves files to the user stored on the Computer and provides relatively quick access to large amounts of data on an electromagnetically charged surface. Today, thanks in part to the development of helium-based HDDs and SMR technology, hard disk capacities have grown from 150 GB, 25O GB, 300 GB, 500 GB to 10 TB, 12 TB, 14 TB and 16 TB. Today’s computers typically come with a hard disk that can contain anywhere from billions to trillions of bytes of storage.

Parts of a hard drive

A common Hard disk includes A super thing protective and lubricating protective layer above the magnetic media guards against accidental damage and contamination by foreign material, like dust. aluminum, ceramic platters, or media layer, to store data. Platters store and organize data in specific structures tracks, sectors and clusters on this media layer. A head, similar to a phonograph arm but in a relatively fixed position, writes or reads the information on the tracks. Two heads, one on each side of a disk, read or write the data as the disk spins. Each read or write operation requires that data be located, an operation called a seek.

Backup Data Before you Repair hard disk clicking sound

Back up your files right now before you start with the fixing process because your hard disk might not work the same way as before. But this can only be done If your hard drive is still detectable. You can do a back up of the files by copying, or you can actually use a we recommend you try free backup software to get things done. Or simply use an off-site cloud storage service concurrently with on-site network attached storage (NAS). That way, if either fails, you still have a backup. Because If your hard drive keeps making a clicking noise, a hard drive failure may be imminent. Don’t worry because as long as your hard drive can be recognized by the computer, you have a high chance to retrieve your data using the data recovery

How to Repair hard disk clicking sound

A hard drive keeps making a clicking noise always causes panic among users who encounter this issue. Based on our experience, a clicking hard drive may result from minor connection issues or serious hard drive damages. Follow to see why your hard drive is clicking, how to fix a clicking hard drive.

Common Hard disk clicking sound issues

  • Drive won’t show up and making clicking 
  • Hard drive not working, making clicking sound 
  • Clicking sound from the hard disk head common on Seagate hard drive
  • Dropped external hard drive and its now making clicking sound?

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As mentioned earlier Computer hard drives contain numerous moving parts to read and write your data. Well, a clicking hard drive sound is often related to a hard drive failure. Below in this post i will try to provide possible solutions on how to fix the clicking hard drive sound which can sometimes cause your operating system to fail loading and power performance of your Computer.

Fix 1. Open the External Hard Drive Layer

  1. Ticking, clicking noise while the drive spins indicates a problem. In some cases, the actuator or head actuator a small motor that takes instructions from the drive’s circuit board might out of position.
  2. Check the spindle keeps to ensure it keeps the platters in position and rotates them as required.
  3. Ensure the spindle keeps the platters at a fixed distance apart from each other to enable the read/write arm to gain proper access.

Fix 2. Check the Hard Drive Connection

Power is everything and inefficient power supplied to the hard disk can cause the clicking sound. A clicking hard drive can be properly fixed by connecting and ensuring all the connections and cables are not loose. This will provide stable and sufficient power supply and likely to reduce a clicking hard drive, changing hard disk cable connections and checking for damages is helpful in some cases.

Fix 3. Use your Hard Drive as an External Drive

To be on the safest side of coming up with a solid reason for your hard drive. Connect it to your computer and check if the problem persists.

  • Use the original USB cable to connect your hard drive to the computer or try another USB cable
  • Connect your hard drive to one of the rear USB port on your computer instead of the front ones
  • Connect your hard disk to another computer
  • Take your hard drive out of the disk enclosure and connect it to the computer directly

If the clicking noise remains, continue to try other fixes detailed below.

Fix 2. Flip the Hard Drive

Remember the hard drive has rotating components and just one moving out of position can be the main cause of a clicking sound. Therefore shifting the position to the other side can actually solve the issue and reduce the noise. The needle head on the disk determines the correct position on the disk. Therefore, by carefully rotating the hard drive this method stands a chance to fix your clicking hard drive.

Fix 3. Hit the Hard Drive Sides

Internal components can be shifted back into position with this simple trick of hitting the sides. Expect the Hard drive spindle, which keeps the platters in position and rotates them as required to be out of order. So if you are afraid of opening your hard drive. This method can work to fix your clicking sound issue.

Fix 4. Freeze the Hard Drive

Freezing your hard drive can cool down your device, and on the other hand, shrink the components inside to free up the stuck or trapped ones. Both overheat and trapped components can make your hard drive keep clicking. To freeze your hard drive, follow these important steps below;

  • Keep your hard drive in the freezer for a couple of hours
  • Once the hard drive works again, back up your data or recover data from the hard drive immediately
  • After a period of time, re-freeze it until you keep all your files safe before attempting to Repair hard disk clicking sound

Fix 5. Seek Professional Repair Help

If the above solutions did not work, I feel its best you seek professional help. The specialists can be able to replace the internal components, such as the Platters made out of aluminum, glass or ceramic and have a magnetic surface in order to permanently store data. The spindle, which keeps the platters in position and rotates them as required. The read arm,which controls the movement of the read heads, which do the actual reading and writing on the disk platters by converting the magnetic surface into an electric current.  A trained specialist can also fix the control board if there is an electrical failure or replace the disk head if it is weak or damaged. You can directly send the defective hard drive for a replacement if it’s still under warranty. If the clicking hard drive is beyond repair, switching to a new one is the only choice for you.