The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso
The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso
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Rufus vs Poweriso, which software should use in case an operating system encounter problems and you reach to a point of changing it? After reading this post about difference between Rufus and PowerIso, you will be able to know what to use. Computers are to have faults, its their nature. This can be caused by malware, human error or just the Laptop crushing. Saving your operating system on a USB drive is a handy option. Even with the best anti malware, computer problems will always arise and when that time comes.

It is extremely important that you understand how to install Operating, using a bootable USB drive for latest windows versions and old one like the windows 7. Putting it together, USBs have the advantage of so much reusable storage at modest cost.  In this article more about bootable USBs is covered but the important aspect of it all is that they are fast, portable and you can delete the files once you are done with them and get the space back.

Now, what is a bootable USB if you ask? A bootable USB is a USB with which is able to perform the functionality a computer to boot, refresh or start an Operating System. This is done just by plugging it into the computer USB port. So now, that you understand what is, I want you to know there are more than 10 Software To Create a Bootable USB from an ISO File, but in this article the focus is on the most commonly used “PowerISO” and “Rufus”.

1. PowerIso

The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso

PowerISO is a disk image utility that can open, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, mount and extract ISO files. Once installed power ISO in your device, you can create a bootable USB by clicking on the option Create Bootable USB Drive, which can be seen in the Tools menu. Then just like other tools, select the drive and writing method as USB-HDD.

2. Rufus

Rufus is a newer application which claims that it speeds up this mundane task. The interface is straightforward with all the options laid out in a single window. It has a few more options than Microsoft’s tool such as selecting partition scheme, cluster size, and checking your USB drive for errors. You can judge the difference between the two.

The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso

Rufus is a lightweight program the lets you create a bootable USB drive and has a few advantages.

  1. Windows or Linux OSs can be booted using Rufus.
  2. You can also check the device for bad blocks, up to 4 passes.
  3. Modern Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, and Open SUSE can be created.
  4. Rufus works for the popular Windows versions, both 32-bit, and 64-bit formats.
  5. It automatically detects the drive and its capacity, it is easier for you to recognize the device that you are formatting. 
  6. Rufus comes handy if you are performing a fresh install on a device that does not have an OS installed.
  7. Useful if you have to flash a BIOS or firmware. Rufus is enough fast ad faster than many other USB Installers.
  8. Easy to integrate, Just select the bootable disk type and the ISO image that you are going to burn. Then it automatically process to finish.

Now that you have understood Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso and hopefully known what to go for. Don’t forget checking our illustrative guide on making a bootable USB.

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