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How to Set Laptop Battery Saver Windows 10

How to Set Laptop Battery Saver Windows 10
How to Set Laptop Battery Saver Windows 10

Battery power consumption of any Laptop can be reduced by switching and Set Laptop Battery Saver Windows 10 . In this article you will learn the common Windows 10 Battery Saver features.

NOTE: When the feature for Battery Saver is active, the laptop lighting should reduce and dims. This idea process is to save power simply clicking on the button but this is not a common thing because in some Laptops it does not work.

  1. Open the Windows 10 home search Settings
  2. On the right side of the window, choose Battery Saver.
  3. Ensure that a button for on and off option is Turned on
  4. Choose the level of Battery Saver to save as shown below on the image.
How to Set Laptop Battery Saver Windows 10

On this example I had set the screen savor option value of 20 percent is fine. You can go for other options like using the App to avoid restrictions caused by applied by the Battery Saver mode.


How To Fix The Windows 10 Startup Sound

Different Types of Malware
How does Malware infect your computer

Windows startup a is a good sound which gives you a “Hi tone”. Trust me when I say, in just just as much as this is a mare sound. You have a propensity to get used to hearing it and know everything is well on your apparatus. Any computer comes along with the inbuilt windows start up compliments, to brighten any mood and get you ready to begin working on that computer. Not hearing the sound play whenever you anticipate, may take you to extremes of attempting to understand whatever is wrong with your sound drivers,when all of that’s required to do is just Fix Windows 10 Startup Sound.

On my Windows 10 laptop computer OS of a Toshiba signals throughout the start up sound and anytime I don’t hear the exceptional sound, it provides a sign to know something is wrong with Personal Computer, mainly software malfunctioning may cause it not to work upon the startup and windows cores file not loading nicely because of a virus or malware.

If you don’t hear the sound during a power on, then there’s a chance you might not have sound on your pc so check the sound drivers on Windows and then ensure they’re updated.
How To Allow The Windows 10 Startup Sound


Open the home screen on your Windows 10, Right click on on the mouse, then select and Proceed to -> Personalize, look for a sound option available. The place should appear to notify you -> Right-click the speaker icon, then click to check for Sounds.


“Play start-up Windows sound” look for the box. This could be seen under the Sound window -> Click sounds tab and then toggle accessible options. The computer must play a startup sound whenever it boots from now on-wards. Are you happy with the sound? If you’re content with windows 10 startup sound, you can select stop now. Otherwise go for more


Right-click the desktop a blank area and after that select Personalize from the menu section shown. Then Click Sounds under the Personalization tab to start the windows 10 start up sound.
Remember Alternative you can just just type sound into the search area on your personal computer taskbar, and select Sound on the results shown. Proceed to Play Windows Startup, eventually from the section showing sound found under sounds settings section and then click Okay.
Preferences To Fix Windows Startup Sound

The easiest other ways available click Search bar.

2. After this, then type “Sound” within the search bar and then click it.

3. The 3rd point is for you to click Sound tab.

4. Then check indicate an option which appears on Play Windows Startup sound.

5. Lastly click Apply and on Ok.

Is T Mobile GSM or CDMA?

How to Know if Your at&t Cdma Or Gsm
How to Know if Your at&t Cdma Or Gsm

Is T Mobile GSM or CDMA? We hear this question been asked by common mobile users in the United states. First of all, what is really the difference between CDMA and GSM?. This is the most commonly used Telecommunication system.

What’s (GSM) Global System for Mobile Communications?

GSM is over today 28 years old from the time it was deployed, this is a come term, which is actually a short phrase for the term Global System for Mobile Communications. Most highly regarded the best if you are a mobile user, not only in the united states of America but also the world by European Telecommunications Standards Institute with headquarters in headquartered in France. GSM is today having many users compared to other mobile carriers, been used on communication devices, such as mobile users and those on tablets. This has been due to its capability and advancements with this technology, to describe the protocols for common second generation mobile digital cellular networks in the world.

What’s (CDMA) Code Division Multiple Access?

Its one of the oldest mobile network providers. CDMA has the ability to broadcast long range waves on a single channel, therefor making it a preference by those with Radio stations to send signals and broadcast transmissions live. The signal can be heard very clear and the messages are rarely disrupted even over long distance coverage.

Code-division multiple access (CDMA) initiated by two Americans Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil, after deriving the inspiration from appearance of musical notes. The two sought to come up with a communication system, that would provide users with an advanced method to send out signal waves over long distances.

Which One Is Better?

These technologies CDMA and GSM are both important, even though they perform different roles, therefore it all depends with your preference. Networks are both used by wireless carriers, both CDMA and GSM operate using 3G advanced technology, but in some countries they run a 4GB fast frequency. These days I would recommend you go for a mobile device, thats having at least a frequency minimum of 3G frequency and not anything less.

Is T Mobile GSM or CDMA?

Back in the days Sprint was the first to take up a switched from analog to digital. Today most of the carriers in USA go with CDMA increasingly making the carrier more popular than ever because it has been in existing since 1995. Overtime CDMA has become loved by many mobile users, due to its operations and the fast speed, including call quality.

In the USA, most common mobile company big names like the US Cellular and Verizon use CDMA while AT&T and T-Mobile have been using a GSM network.

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit to Activate Windows 10

How to Use Microsoft Toolkit to Activate Windows 10

In this guide you will learn easy steps of exactly How to Use Microsoft Toolkit to Activate Windows 10. Microsoft Toolkit is made for common windows you can think of and office products that require a quick activation. Microsoft activators products are there to work on all windows products which include Microsoft office. To use Microsoft Tookit, deactivate your Antivirus currently active. Most Anti viruses have an inbuilt functionality to block certain unverified software so I suggest you disable the anti-virus system.

Microsoft toolkit supports Microsoft products for Windows Home, Pro and professional tools.

Using Microsoft Toolkit For Activating Windows

Activating Windows with this tool is very simple and easy.

  1. Open Microsoft Toolkit from your home screen desktop
  2. After that, check for an Office logo next to Windows. Click on the office logo and you will see a new pop-up window.
  3. From that pop up menu, you must click on Ez Activator.
  4. Now wait until the system automatically activates your Office.


How To Set alarm clock, stopwatch & timer for windows 10

How To Use The Windows Snipping Tool

How To Fix The Windows 10 Startup Sound

Who Makes Malware And Why?

Who Makes Malware And Why?
Who Makes Malware And Why?

The world is hosting different computer viruses on the Internet today. So just like any other person would be concerned, you want to know Who Makes Computer Viruses?

well people make malware, equipping the vicious software with a role it performs. Malware is created by software developers, mostly together with an Antivirus to make money, generated by spreading it on the web and directly selling it to the highest bidders on illegal websites like the Dark Web.

Remember, as earlier discussed in another article, there is just so much malware out there, due to this we have toomany malware types. Where does malware come from? There is no limited source of malware, it comes from infected removable external drives, compromised websites, Spam Emails, unpatched software etc.

History About Malware

Following history from the late 1990s, if you had a chance of using a computer to visit the internet. I’m pretty sure you must have observed mainstream computer viruses. The virus Often mostly appeared to be not serous to users but just proofs developed by software developers to mess with your Laptop. The first computer virus developed is a worm called Happy99, the virus spread itself via email, existing only to spread itself around the computer.

Getting infected is easy, because what causes malware is something you can not get an answer for, other than the virus sources which are known but can not also be saturated. Happy99 worm emailed itself to other computers, displaying a “Happy New Year 1999 !!” which caused errors, the time most computers had windows with fireworks.

How To Know If Your Computer Is Really Infected

Having malware your computer might be taken over by a pop-up that which goes to proclaiming that you’ve been infected. Your computer’s performance then begins to deteriorate, and chewing of computer software, while sending many copies of itself out onto the Internet as possible. Another kind of malware just deletes everything from your computer, causing defficulties on your hard drive not to boot until you reinstalled Windows. We’ve already covered the process for booting Windows 10 operating system, either you are a beginner or an expert.

Also READ: How to protect your computer against malware and viruses 

Reasons For Making Malware

The motive is really not clear why these people make malicious software to make your lives a living hell considering things malware can do to your computer. They get motivated due to the legitimate use of computers, Internet which has grown overtime, paving an opportunity for these bad people to benefit by coding and creating harmful computer viruses, including Trojan viruses, and other forms of malware. These individuals invest so much time to find a way just to exploit new technology, to cause damage to without giving a second thought on who would be affected. To them, Malware development is nothing but business for Cyber criminals, to make profit off your expense when you go out looking for a counteract Anti-software to curb and clean your system.

Others just create malware to make a name for themselves in the industry of computer technology and malware development. But most people people today do create malware for purely criminal purposes, which include: destroying your computer files, stealing of sensitive information, mostly your bank account secret pin code and financial information and many other illegal activities.

These People Make Malware To:

These are the common reasons people go through so much trouble and investing time, money and resources just to come up with a malicious software.

1. Annoying ads open randomly

These are malicious computer programs that actually track your web browsing data or monitor your online activity to collect passwords and other personal information. A spyware is a form of malware specifically designed to collect and steal your sensitive data you hold so dearly without having knowledge. pop-ups which appear on your screen can be typical sign of malware to cause havoc on your computer, a more reason you would get redirected to a website with disturbing ads.

2. Steals sensitive information.

Malicious intent for most cyber crooks is often theft of your private valued information and creation of a backdoor to your computer giving them access to valuable resources and data. Hackers need no permission to exploit your important information. If enough computers get infected, they can earn money.

3. Making money

Spyware does not affect the computer but only slows it down. This malware is specifically designed with the intent capture information. The information collected is prioritized to target advertisements to your computer that you may not even be interested in viewing but follows your common browsing routine and more especially if you surf the internet with a Gmail account connected. Ads are served to you excessively, getting people to visit the advertiser website. Data is collected as well about you from the computer which goes to a company responsible for making malware.

3. Allows unauthorized access

Many programs install malware systems and internet viruses. Malware is installed mostly by you the user, before you realize it it gets on your computer taking advantage of common security vulnerabilities in your operating system and software programs. It comes from the installation of malware of software overlooking and not considering the credibility of the source and if there chances of a software virus. Avoid using outdated versions of open source browsers, unless the best recommended add-ons and plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Who Makes Malware

  • Why do people Make Computer Viruses?

The purpose been upon making of a computer virus it will infect vulnerable systems, steal user sensitive data and gain admin control which can be sold online.

  • What Are Reasons for creating computer viruses?

The reasons why people create computer viruses and other malware is to cause Damage and chaos, An ego stroke, stealing of information and just for monetary gain.

  • Do people Make Computer Viruses?

Yes of course, A group of computer gurus ensure they design computer viruses through coding using very intuitive tactics to plant malware in software with malicious intent to exploit and prey on online users by tricking them.

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The 10 Best Alarm Clock Software For Windows

10 Best Alarm Clock Software For Windows
10 Best Alarm Clock Software For Windows

We are currently in an advanced modern age, most people don’t need an alarm clock to schedule and manage time. Following trending Technology these alarm clock software, have quickly provided possible ways to set alarm clock which can be downloaded on the internet on software websites and Microsoft store. It gives you an added advantage if you have a IDM installed to quicken the process.

The Best Alarm Clock Software To Use

Whether timing an important event, or probably just trying hard not to miss anything important, you can customize the clock interface, with numerous snooze option to do exactly what you need. So if I closely compare with modern old clocks this the same, but more advanced and really no need to spend money on old-fashioned alarm clocks from back in the days which you must be locking up in the basement somewhere.

I have never seen a more advanced features than that which come preinstalled on these great looking cheap alarm clocks for windows. Giving the user an added advantage to set specified times, and if by chance you are a music lover, playing audio is another option available for you to wake up to from your long sleep.

1. Alarms Clock HD

The first one on the list of best alarm clocks for windows is the ultimate Clock HD due its unlimited bundled features of alarms, allowing you to set the world clocks, you can actually set a sleep and music timer on your computer. The software Sounds which can be made Custom including a Radio alarm. Can push notifications and wake you up from sleep. Finally stay updated with the weather check feature, not forgetting trading and currency exchange rates, in-built music player, radio player to listen to your favorite radio station and Facebook.

2. ClocX

ClocX is the second best choice which provides a wide variety of styles to actually pick from, which are attractive in nature and of good quality. Allowing users to perform a one time alarms, and option for daily alarm that can play a song file. It has a customizable button for priority settings so you can change backgrounds to a color of choice. Its a true beast of an alarm clock software with nice rare clock enhancement for your analog clock desktop. Depending on your clock preference, ClocX can be made transparent, using the inbuilt 256 levels of transparency colors you can choose from.

3. Talking Alarm Clock

Microsoft talking alarm clock is fun and a talking animated alarm ever inverted. Features include schedules for alarm time and can be set to go off once, on a daily basis , weekly and even monthly. Its a great reminder tool for all your important dates that might skip off your mind and events. Windows system tray gives quick access to the alarm clock. Music play feature comes with the software to play any song you choose and includes a snooze button.That’s not all, you can configure this alarm to open files and run programs in a simple manner.

4. Modern Clock XIV

The Clock XIV is made ideal to meet the needed requirements for an a windows alarm clock, Modern Clock can be installed on your Phone devices if you have been in need of a clock and computer for setting scheduled clock alarms. The good look makes it outstanding due to its soft colors, looking closely the device is given a look with beautiful gentle transitions. Clock can be stopped and started at any time, you can choose to hide display. Enable and Select background image . Finally you’re able to set Days – Month- – Year and Hours. All future developments to make improvements to the device are considered and the company tries to implemented them in there upcoming future versions upon making your request.

5. Desktop Countdown Timer

The Desktop Countdown is a Timer that is made for Alarm users due to its ability of providing the needed clock functions you can not in any other clock software, especially for a windows computer, the interesting amazing useful features can’t be overlooked. With this alarm clock, Play a song and any sound file. Show a customized message to display whenever you want. I definitely support you go for this Alarm clock because its just so easy to integrate in your system.

6. Alarm

Taking the sixth position is Alarm, a digital advanced clock to warm your mood when you are working. Feature to set a custom message which can be interconnected with any fail on your computer to play whenever its the time you have automatically set. It comes with added mixed features at the same time which are very simple to operate. The software offers helpful reminders, that can be set so easy.

7. Analog Clock

Analog Clock stands out In the era of robotic invasions and its the best you can alternatively look for since you need a alarm clock. Delivers instant information and If you’re no longer having the interest to use the old Windows clock Analog Clock is a good replacement and perfectly a serviceable software.

A dozen skins and clock sizes to choose from |Set calendar for weather which should pop up when you perform a mouse over | Special syncing feature for your system due to the clocks integration with atomic servers | Replaces Windows inbuilt old digital clock with an advanced analog PC clock

8. Desktop Clock-7

Desktop Clock-7’s just like the name, the software for windows clock is very easy to install on your computer. Standard two available versions, Pro version and paid one if you have cash to spare in your wallet. If you go on getting the paid version, it costs less than five bucks to own one with added features out of the box. Date displays accurately, together with a sound mimic feature of analog clocks when its working.

Displays system’s time settings | Round clock set hour, minute, and seconds | Custom text logo instead | Advantaged good looking styled features, with two colored graphics that give the clock a face of a good realistic alarm clock look.

9. Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is good in this era and modern age of technology, set the current times in various various locations around the world so it does not matter if you are on the move. Choose from a cluster of six styles on this analog clock and faces use to represent any time zone. The sharp clock is made for those in need of more features, compared to the common typical desktop default clock. The features include time zone converter, you can choose to use weather notification and show analog in-built clocks.The only problem is that Sharp World Clock is expensive to be compared with other free versions and those cheap on this list for best alarm clock software.

10. OnlyStopWatch (64-bit)

At number 10 we’ve OnlyStopWatch another epic alarm clock made to stop the time on your computer. Its a free license and does not have to be installed, easy to be executed to run on your computer having a precision to set milliseconds, optimize needed processes, and how long you can do a sprint run, probably even holding your breath if you are swimmer. Bundled with numerous potential applications, if that’s your requirement go for the Onlystopwatch.

Did you see your favorite alarm clock software on the list?

If not, let me know which one you will use, including the suggestions you might have by leaving a detailed comment in the section below provided for you.


How To Stop IDM Pop Up Download

Internet Download Manager
Internet Download Manager

So you want to learn how to stop the IDM pop up download? This can be due to the fact that after the installation of IDM (Internet Download Manager) a file called IDM.crx specially designed to merge IDM into your browser, integrates with Opera browser or google chrome to reduce the common download issues with IDM but also causes auto download capturing.

Internet Download Manager Integration (IDM)

The integration can be manual and sometimes just happens automatic depending with the browser you are using. Unlike the Opera browser, integrating Google chrome with IDM is a bit challenging and does not mostly happen automatically. This is because Google, owners of YouTube have been trying to stop any activity viewed as illegal capturing and downloading of online content, more especially YouTube Videos unless its freely provided.

Stop IDM Pop Up Download (IDM)

Having IDM installed is a good thing due to its effective download speed and friendly features. But the annoying part, is when you are browsing and all over sudden a download pop from IDM asks you to download the file. This doesn’t make any sense for me personally, especially when I don’t need to download anything from the website but the browser keeps asking me to start the downloading from IDM.

Well, you can chose to simply just ignore, but this problem is annoying when it persists. So I’m going to show you how to stop auto downloading and pop ups when using IDM. After this, you shall not be forced to download any content unless you choose to, or you have inserted a link on IDM to start the download procedure.

  1. Launch IDM (Intenet download manager) Go to -> Downloads -> Then look for the Options menu down at the bottom and click there. Uncheck the option indicated as to automatically start downloading of URL’s placed to clipboard.
  2. Then look for -> “customize IDM download panels in browsers and click edit”.

Finally, you must uncheck the “don’t download files from web players automatically” and click OK to serve the settings you have just customized.

Congratulations! you’ve successfully just learnt how to stop the IDM pop up download on your browser. Don’t forget to share and drop us a comment down below for further questions, or if you have a post request.


10 Best Booting Software For Windows

ISO to Bootable Usb Creator
Booting an Operating system on a Mac or Windows PC from a DVD or CDdrive, is now a thing of the past. Today in the world many computers no longer come with optical disk drives. As a result, booting from USB media has become a desired standard.

Below are links to the 10 best ISO to Bootable Usb creator software we could come up with. First of all, what’s a booting software? This is a windows tool made to provide assistance for you to easily setup and install the operating system form a USB boot drive. Most users are those with the Windows 10 computer and Linux even though we are yet to cover that in this article, but you can see this article for creating a Linux booting USB drive. Gone are the days of working with CD been the only alternative for you available.

NOTE: If you have no idea on how to boot from a USB drive, see the illustrative article about creating a bootable USB drive. You can boot a USB drive without problems. You can useit in running  any OS setup for a windows program.

Importance Of Using Bootable USB Software

I have personally analyzed the common alternatives on the market, but the option on windows using a Bootable tool is the best out there. After having the files on the flash drive, you can opt to delete anytime and use the thumb drive for something else. In this world of technological advancements, there are USB flash drives available at an affordable cost. CD’s have depleted due to a cost of purchasing, used it mostly becomes useless for future purposes. That’s why its a good thing and an advantage of booting a USB drive.

Best ISO to Bootable Usb creator Software for Windows

If you want to create a bootable Windows install USB, you can select form the list below for the 10 Best ISO to Bootable Usb Software. This post will help you to choose and select the best tool, which you must use.

1. Rufus

Runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Rufus also allows you to check the USB device for bad blocks, using up to four passes. It is a small, portable program that allows you to create bootable USB drives for Windows and Linux. This open source software makes the job a lot easier and faster.

Why Use Rufus?

Main and the foremost advantage of using the software is that this software doesn’t require installation to use it. The software is very convenient and bears a lot of popularity among the users, that have benefited positively. The software is used by tech specialist and common freshers, and gives optimum capability to function on your computer, making it the best booting software available today.

You can easily create bootable USB drives for popular versions of Windows today, and almost all popular Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. For more, you can read how to make a Linux ISO to USB. The software consists of an enhanced look and the optimized features, that make a better choice, due to the interface that provides a user friendly platform to create USB bootloader in the USB drives and Pen drives.

In addition to Windows and Linux systems, you can use it to put utilities on the best USB drives (Drives). Any user can easily access the software directly from the exe file. Rufus booting software is very easy to use, due to the similar default format of the window shown in Windows, seen when you format a hard disk partition, USB drive, or other external drive. That’s why Rufus is our first best pick in this list of 10 best ISO to Bootable Usb creator programs.

2. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

The best freeware tool is from one of the worlds leading multinational technology company Microsoft. The software that allows for the installation of Windows 7 and Windows 8, including the last version Windows 10. This is simply done without having to first run an existing operating system on your computer. Like as Rufus, this Windows 10 USB tool is very easy to use which defines its popularity among the users.

Should You Use Windows USB/DVD Download Tool?

Definitely yes!, because the software makes it very easy to change the boot order of the drives in your computer’s BIOS. This is an important feature that permits the Windows installation on your USB drive to run automatically. The process becomes automated every time when you turn on your computer.

This USB bootable software offers multiple functioning for Windows 7/8/10 lovers. Users can create both USB bootloader as well as DVD Bootloader which is quite appealing for the users. The bootloader gets created in the USB or DVD in some seconds which you can use to install the OS. Contains optimized features, that make the whole difference between this tool and other bootable USB tools. To create a bootable USB, insert USB, then selecting ISO and finishing the things off by clicking on the OK. The simplicity and amazing feature, that’s why Windows DVD/USB tool is second-best pick on the list.

3. UNetbootin

The third USB Bootable Software is UNetbootin, which It runs on both Windows and Linux operating system. This software is used to download one of the many Linux distributions it supports, and on top that provides the location of your own Linux ISO file.

Why Should You Use UNetbootin?

Well, UNetbootin is a best free program for both Windows booting need that works, on Linux, and Mac OS X allowing you to create bootable a Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions instead of burning a CD which is expensive. The only downside of this software is that, UNetbootin isn’t as reliable as it once was back in the days. This is a more we now recommend installing and booting with one of the other tools mentioned here, like Rufus.

4. Windows Bootable Image Creator

It’s a portable tool that’s very easy to use. Windows Bootable Image Creator allows you to create a bootable ISO image from the old versions including Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 setup files. If you don’t like the tool, You can use one of the other tools mentioned in this article to setup a bootable USB flash drive the setting up of a Windows system.

I recommend this because of its easy user friendly feature, were you can simply tell the tool where the Windows setup files are and select a target folder for the new ISO file to get created.

5. Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer aka UUI is a Live Linux Bootable USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash. Ensure the USB flash drive must be formatted as a Fat16, Fat32, or NTFS drive. You can select the Linux distribution, provide a location for the appropriate ISO file, select your USB flash drive, and click Create.

Unlike other USB bootable software for Windows, this software features the feature of choosing OS from the drop-down menu which will really makes all the things easier for the users. That’s why this software offers a direct competition to the other bootable USB software. This USB bootable software can be used in another OS like Linux etc.

6. WinToFlash

WinToFlash is an amazing advanced too perfectly feet for booting your operating system from a flash drive. It has an amazing feature that allows it to transfer a version of Windows pre-install environments. This is a great feature,that comes in handy when you intend to perform troubleshooting and repairs. WinToFlash to create a MSDOS bootable USB drive.

The only downside at the moment is that this booting tool, has been suspected of hosting a lot of adware. Otherwise I strongly recommend WinToFlash because its a great free tool, that’s easily portable and allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive from a Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,  Server 2003, or Server 2008 installation CD or DVD.

7. XBoot

XBoot allows you to combine multiple ISO files from (Linux, utilities, and antivirus rescue CDs) onto one USB drive. It is a free utility great for creating multiboot USB flash drives and ISO image files. Its easy to use all that is required is simply to drag and drop the ISO files onto the XBoot window and click Create ISO. The only problem is that the software XBoot requires .NET Framework 4.0, a (Standalone installer) to be installed first on your system to run.


WiNToBootic It supports an ISO file, a DVD, or a folder as the boot disk source. It is another free tool that allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive for installing Windows 7 or Windows 8. The best part about this booting tool, is that It’s a standalone, doesn’t require installation and it operates very fast.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this list for ISO to Bootable Usb Creator and I am sure by now you have made up your mind and decided on which booting tools to use. If there are any other free tools you’ve found useful for creating bootable USB flash drives, please let me know in the comment section.


How To Activate Private Incognito Mode on Chrome

How To Browse privately On Chrome Using Incognito mode
How To Browse privately On Chrome Using Incognito mode

Privacy is the most important aspects of browsing on the internet. Places visited are preferred to stay unknownymous sometimes and to just improve the browsing experience. This does not come with a default functions of the computer, or web browser been used. I’m about to show you the quickest way to up your privacy on that computer through the Incognito mode Chrome.

Importance Of Private browsing With Incognito Mode Chrome:

The most highly used app on any computer is that your web browser. Its one of the best gifts a computer provides to you, whether looking for information. It doesn’t matter which one you currently use, there’s open source and the common ones. Incognito even though assures not 100% privacy its the best alternative for online privacy so far giving you some assurance of been hidden while your surf the website with tools such as chrome and opera.

Chrome has many discrepancies on privacy, its been criticized for stealing people’s information and selling it to the highest bidders on the market but, but hey its a more reason the company gave you this feature to give you some needed private browsing without having to wonder if your information is been stolen and sold elsewhere.

Even though you might be on using the Incognito Mode on Google Chrome put into consideration a few things that even if the privacy feature is active website tracers and trackers will still find a way to get your address location and sometimes computer model, including the IP address. Your IP address is mostly exposed and this just shows you can be too hidden with incognito mode completely. All most all websites record information about a user, where you’ve been information accessed and videos watched. If you’re on a work network avoid to visit sensitive websites because even with Incognito Mode Chrome your company specialists and IT department during a reveal will manage to view browsing log on the servers.

Activating Incognito Mode Chrome

PRESS and toggle a button with three dots to open the main google chrome menu. LOCATE a New Private Window

  1. The first step is for you to open google Chrome.
  2. Then check and locate a (Incognito Window).
  3. Finally In the top corner, the Incognito icon must appear just immediately after a window that shows up.

Activating Incognito Mode Chrome On Android

  1. The steps are similar to that of a computer. Find that google chrome application on the mobile device. This can be done even on a tablet .
  2. New Incognito tab should appear above next to the address bar. open it and on the left side an Incognito icon shows in the new windows tab.


How to Use and Install “IDM” (Internet Download Manager)

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How To Use The Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping Tools For Windows

Taking screen grabs on your computer is now such an important part of personal computer use. In today’s modern technology, you can do almost everything with your computer and this simple Illustrative guide will show you on how to capture a screenshot and photos on your device using the snipping tools for Windows operating system, copy words or images from all or part of your PC screen.

In most of these Windows versions, having the image snipping tool, include the built-in tool, the shots are called “snips.” With a snipping tool for Windows, you can grab the whole PC screen or a certain area of your screen using the selection tool found in most snipping tools for PC and grab a certain area.

Windows Snipping Tools Shortcut Keys

Press these keys To do this
 Alt + MIf You Want To Choose a snipping mode.
 Alt + NCreating a new snip in the same mode as the last one.
 Shift + arrow keysMoving the cursor to select from different types of snips.
 Alt + DTo Delay capture by 1-5 seconds
 Ctrl + CCopy the snip to clipboard
 Ctrl + Finally To Save the snip

As mentioned above a snipping tool is a great easy way to capture and share your screen photos. Here is a summary of the important things you can do with a screen grabbing tool for windows.

Use Snipping Tool to make changes or notes, then save, and share. Its a good thing that Microsoft is certain to provide a good alternative.

What You Can Do With The Snipping Tool

Form snipIt Allows You To Draw a free-form shape around an object.
Rectangular snipYou Can Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.
Window snipOption To Select a window, such as a dialog box, that you want to capture.
Screen CaptureCapture the entire screen Of Your Computer.
  1. Capture all parts of your PC screen
  2. You Can Add notes after capturing the screen
  3. Save the snip in different formats
  4. Send Email using the snipping tool window
  5. You Can Share it on social media
  6. Collaborate with your co-workers

There are more than 100 screen capture programs of various sorts, and there isn’t one that’s best for everyone, apart from the Snipping tools for Windows. You may need to try a few to find one that meets your needs. If you can not find the windows snipping tool, you can alternatively download the tool HERE. Note: Snipping tools for Windows is only included with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Opening Windows Snipping Tool

Windows 10Select Start  button -> Type snipping tool in the search box on the taskbar -> Then select Snipping Tool from the list of results.
Windows 8.1 Wipe in from the right edge of the screen -> tap Search, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up -> then select Search), type snipping tool in the search box, and then select Snipping Tool from the list of results.
Windows 7 Select the Start  button -> then type snipping tool in the search box, and -> select Snipping Tool from the list of results.

Using Snipping Tool To Capture A Screenshot

To capture images using the snipping tools for Windows

For Windows 10

STEP 1 Go to Snipping Tool, select Mode. In earlier versions of Windows, select the arrow next to the New button. 

STEP 2: When you choose the kind of snip you want, you’ll see the whole screen change slightly to gray.

STEP 3: Then, choosing from anything currently displayed on the screen, select the area of your screen that you want to capture.

STEP 4: On the left top corner, look for a file section. Select file and serve as,then choose the location to save your file.

For Windows 8

STEP 1: Go to start Snipping Tool in Windows 8:

STEP 2: With a mouse open the charm bar by putting the mouse cursor to the top-right corner of the screen. Make sure you have “Apps” selected.

STEP 3: Type in “Snipp”. Start the Snipping Tool by clicking the icon. Windows will switch to the desktop mode. If you are on a touchscreen: Swipe from the right side to the left. Select “Search”.

Alternatively on Windows you can capture a screenshot without having to use the snipping tool. Watch this related video for more on how to capture screenshot in Windows 10 for free. Or simply, you can use these methods above:

Capture Screenshot in Windows 10 Without Snipping Tool

This can be done with the key combination ALT + PrintScreen

  1. Hold and Press the key combination ALT and the PrintScreen key at the same time. This will capture the currently active window. To take a screenshot of the whole desktop, just press PrintScreen.
  2. Then open a Word document and use the key combination ALT + V for inserting the screenshot. Because the screenshot is invisible but it is in the Windows clipboard. This is where everything is stored for cut and paste.
  3. Paste the screenshot first into Microsoft paint, to edit it. You can look for “Paint” in the windows search bar to start this application.