The world is hosting different computer viruses on the Internet today. So just like any other person would be concerned, you want to know Who Makes Computer Viruses?

well people make malware, equipping the vicious software with a role it performs. Malware is created by software developers, mostly together with an Antivirus to make money, generated by spreading it on the web and directly selling it to the highest bidders on illegal websites like the Dark Web.

Remember, as earlier discussed in another article, there is just so much malware out there, due to this we have toomany malware types. Where does malware come from? There is no limited source of malware, it comes from infected removable external drives, compromised websites, Spam Emails, unpatched software etc.

History About Malware

Following history from the late 1990s, if you had a chance of using a computer to visit the internet. I’m pretty sure you must have observed mainstream computer viruses. The virus Often mostly appeared to be not serous to users but just proofs developed by software developers to mess with your Laptop. The first computer virus developed is a worm called Happy99, the virus spread itself via email, existing only to spread itself around the computer.

Getting infected is easy, because what causes malware is something you can not get an answer for, other than the virus sources which are known but can not also be saturated. Happy99 worm emailed itself to other computers, displaying a “Happy New Year 1999 !!” which caused errors, the time most computers had windows with fireworks.

How To Know If Your Computer Is Really Infected

Having malware your computer might be taken over by a pop-up that which goes to proclaiming that you’ve been infected. Your computer’s performance then begins to deteriorate, and chewing of computer software, while sending many copies of itself out onto the Internet as possible. Another kind of malware just deletes everything from your computer, causing defficulties on your hard drive not to boot until you reinstalled Windows. We’ve already covered the process for booting Windows 10 operating system, either you are a beginner or an expert.

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Reasons For Making Malware

The motive is really not clear why these people make malicious software to make your lives a living hell considering things malware can do to your computer. They get motivated due to the legitimate use of computers, Internet which has grown overtime, paving an opportunity for these bad people to benefit by coding and creating harmful computer viruses, including Trojan viruses, and other forms of malware. These individuals invest so much time to find a way just to exploit new technology, to cause damage to without giving a second thought on who would be affected. To them, Malware development is nothing but business for Cyber criminals, to make profit off your expense when you go out looking for a counteract Anti-software to curb and clean your system.

Others just create malware to make a name for themselves in the industry of computer technology and malware development. But most people people today do create malware for purely criminal purposes, which include: destroying your computer files, stealing of sensitive information, mostly your bank account secret pin code and financial information and many other illegal activities.

These People Make Malware To:

These are the common reasons people go through so much trouble and investing time, money and resources just to come up with a malicious software.

1. Annoying ads open randomly

These are malicious computer programs that actually track your web browsing data or monitor your online activity to collect passwords and other personal information. A spyware is a form of malware specifically designed to collect and steal your sensitive data you hold so dearly without having knowledge. pop-ups which appear on your screen can be typical sign of malware to cause havoc on your computer, a more reason you would get redirected to a website with disturbing ads.

2. Steals sensitive information.

Malicious intent for most cyber crooks is often theft of your private valued information and creation of a backdoor to your computer giving them access to valuable resources and data. Hackers need no permission to exploit your important information. If enough computers get infected, they can earn money.

3. Making money

Spyware does not affect the computer but only slows it down. This malware is specifically designed with the intent capture information. The information collected is prioritized to target advertisements to your computer that you may not even be interested in viewing but follows your common browsing routine and more especially if you surf the internet with a Gmail account connected. Ads are served to you excessively, getting people to visit the advertiser website. Data is collected as well about you from the computer which goes to a company responsible for making malware.

3. Allows unauthorized access

Many programs install malware systems and internet viruses. Malware is installed mostly by you the user, before you realize it it gets on your computer taking advantage of common security vulnerabilities in your operating system and software programs. It comes from the installation of malware of software overlooking and not considering the credibility of the source and if there chances of a software virus. Avoid using outdated versions of open source browsers, unless the best recommended add-ons and plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Who Makes Malware

  • Why do people Make Computer Viruses?

The purpose been upon making of a computer virus it will infect vulnerable systems, steal user sensitive data and gain admin control which can be sold online.

  • What Are Reasons for creating computer viruses?

The reasons why people create computer viruses and other malware is to cause Damage and chaos, An ego stroke, stealing of information and just for monetary gain.

  • Do people Make Computer Viruses?

Yes of course, A group of computer gurus ensure they design computer viruses through coding using very intuitive tactics to plant malware in software with malicious intent to exploit and prey on online users by tricking them.

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